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Keyfuels Fuel Card

Keyfuels Fuel Card


Network coverage:
1,580+ multi branded sites, including ALL Morrisons supermarket sites

HGV sites:
480+ HGV friendly sites

Motorway sites:
40+ motorway sites

Fixed weekly discounted diesel price at all sites*
Weekly price notifications can be sent by email, SMS or fax.

Annual card fee:
£18 per card

Minimum spend per account per month £300

Invoice format:
All transaction are listed on a single invoice grouped by card number or vehicle registration. Invoices are in a VAT approved format that also complies with the EU 6th VAT Directive

Payment method:
Direct Debit with up to 3 weeks interest free credit. Invoices are sent weekly

Site directory:
Full site list available online. Alternatively, download the latest Keyfuels site list by clicking here
Keyfuels site directory supplied free with each account
SMS & Sat Nav site locator services also available

Management Information:
Reports include the date, time, place, volume, product type and value of transaction grouped by card number or vehicle registration. Other reports are available on request
Free online account management is also available, allowing 24/7 access to your account

Security features:
PIN protected cards
Purchase restrictions
Cards are embossed with your company name and driver name and/or vehicle registration
'Zero Liability' protection - optional extra
'Actionline' - 24 hour card stop facility

M6 Tolls
From the 1st of April 2010 you will be able to use your Keyfuels fuel cards to pay for M6Toll!
The M6Toll is Britain's first privately funded tolled motorway, stretching for 27 miles from near Cannock, Staffordshire to Coleshill, Warwickshire. It is utilised by up to 45,000 drivers every working day of the year. As a strategic bypass route, M6Toll offers drivers the opportunity to avoid a section of the heavily congested existing M6, delivering significant time savings at peak times.
Any M6 tolls transactions will appear on your fuel invoice in our standard VAT approved format, helping you to manage your expenses more efficiently.

Zero Liability Protection:
Protect your business in the event of card loss or theft with 'zero liability' protection. In the unfortunate event that your fuel cards are lost or stolen, you will not be liable for any fraudulent transactions on your account from the moment you inform us. Peace of mind for just £18 per card!


Our new EcoPoint package offers you a greener way to manage your fuel expenses. For only 80p per card, per month, you’ll benefit from our carbon offsetting scheme and other tools to reduce your CO2 emissions. 

Then, to ‘go green’ for less than 3p per day, just tick the opt-in box at the end of our application form.

Purchase options:
Diesel only
Gas Oil & Lubes
Fuels & Lubes

*subject to handling fees and terms and conditions

Site coverage

Keyfuels Fuel Card covers Keyfuels fuel sites

Keyfuels Fuel Card covers Morrisons fuel sites

Keyfuels Fuel Card covers Texaco fuel sites

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  • PIN Protected
    (Zero liability option)
  • Annual charge £18