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UK Fuels


UK Fuels is one of Europe’s leading independent fuel card management companies with a fuel network of more than 6,500 sites in the UK alone.

The company sells fuel cards on behalf of oil companies such as Texaco, Shell, BP and solutions such as Fuelplus, EDC, DCI, Fleetone, Truckone and Bunker plus. Different fuel cards are specifically targeted at different groups such as fleets, trucks, businesses and for European use.


Additional Benefits

  • Fuel consumption analysis
  • Velocity account management
  • Card security
  • Spending limits
  • Network locator

Site Coverage

The fuel network of 6,500 sites that the company offers includes: motorway stations, supermarket forecourts, fixed-price and pump-price forecourts.








The company offers both fixed-price and pump-price cards.

The Fuel Card Company


The Fuelcard Company is one of the largest commercial fuel card resellers in the UK. We enjoy partnerships with Shell, Esso, Texaco, Allstar and Keyfuels whose fuel cards we resell.

The difference between competitors and The Fuelcard Company is that we serve more than 65,000 customers in the UK and more than 500,000 fleets worldwide. Therefore, we have a great deal of experience in customer service and in providing the best and most suitable fuel cards for our customers.

As experts in our field, we have a wealth of experience in delivering tailored and competitive solutions to better manage business fleets of all sizes. In addition, our position within the market allows us to provide our customers with access to more than 7,600 fuel sites nationwide.


Site Coverage

Cards are accepted at Esso, Texaco, Shell, the Allstar network and supermarkets; including Asda, Sainbury’s, Tesco and Morrisons, which totals to more than 7,700 sites nationwide.


The Fuelcard Company offers both fixed-price cards and pump-price cards which also gives you access to supermarket forecourts that typically have some of the cheapest fuel in the UK.


Additional Services

Customers can also benefit from a number of additional products and services including our fraud protection scheme, fleet maintenance products, discounts and loyalty scheme. The Fuelcard Company also offers:

  • Quick and easy refuelling at strategically located fuel sites
  • Reduced administration and simple VAT reclamation with a single invoice
  • Keeping track of all transactions 24/7 with our free online account management system
  • Receiving invoices instantly and safely to your inbox with our e-invoicing service

In addition, The Fuelcard Company has a team of 120 specialists dedicated to bringing our customers the highest standard in service, savings and security.