How do I make changes to my account?


Let us know what your requirements are by phone – 0333 122 9064 or email – info@fuelcards.co.uk and we will contact the relevant operating company to take care of everything for you.

Pump vs fixed price cards?


Fixed-price cards are especially designed for hauliers. A nationwide diesel price is set weekly, based on the 'bulk' market. This fixed 'bulk' or 'bunker' price is usually lower than pump-price and can offer significant savings on fuel costs for diesel fleets.

With pump-price cards cost savings come through other service benefits such as greater network coverage.

How do fuel cards work?


Fuel cards allow drivers to purchase fuel from stations across the UK, allowing you to manage the cost of your fleet and save on fuel.

Fuel cards are different from credit cards due to the convenient reporting. Fuel cards enable businesses to get real-time reports and set purchase controls in order to monitor exactly how much fuel is used and improve driver fuel consumption. 

Some fuel cards offer discounted fuel. 

Once you have your fuel cards, you simply fill up and present the fuel card to the cashier who will process the transaction. Then you will receive an invoice once a week (for the previous week’s transactions from all cards) and we will take the payment for this invoice 7 days later by Direct Debit.

How can fuel cards help my business?


Just some of the benefits of using fuel cards include:

  • Savings on fuel purchases
  • Security benefits including purchase restrictions and driver/vehicle-specific cards
  • Significant reduction in administration time and paperwork
  • VAT-compliant invoices outlining all transactions

There are numerous fuel cards on the market offering a range of benefits. To get the most out of a fuel card, you need to find the card that is best suited for your fleet. For example, a haulage company with five trucks operating in Yorkshire will require a different fuel card from a manufacturing company operating a mixed fleet of vans and cars across the UK.

Network size, pricing, online services, and additional services like dedicated account managers and fleet management reports are all key factors that will determine your choice of fuel card.

What is the EU Sixth VAT Directive?


The EU Sixth VAT Directive requires all EU member states to levy VAT in the same way. Due to be implemented in the near future, this Directive will stop reclaiming VAT on invoices that are not in the registered company name.

UK companies can currently reclaim the VAT on many items – including fuel, which is usually invoiced to employees in the form of a till receipt. Once this Directive is introduced this will not be allowed, and potentially every litre of fuel will cost an additional 17.5%. This is a good reason for haulage firms to take a good look at their fuel management procedures and implement a VAT compliant solution.

What is Online Account Management?


Online account management allows you to access your account details 24/7, and includes services like requesting copy invoices, ordering new cards and downloading fleet management reports. These reports can be downloaded to incorporate into your own reporting system.

What happens if I forget to take my fuel card?


Don't worry. Call us on 0870 073 0873 with your account number. We will answer a few security questions and will arrange everything with the site for you (for security reasons, we will ask for faxed authorisation by an authorised signatory).

Can I see my drivers' transactions every week?


Yes – for most cards we can send you a detailed invoice every week that provides you with all the card, vehicle and drawing details you require.

Can you cover all my depots?


Yes – we can do this on most cards and take payment centrally if you wish. Simply provide cost centre and payment requirements on application and we will do the rest for you

How do I order additional cards?


Order online through your account management system or send an email to info@fuelcards.co.uk . Alternatively, you can call 0333 122 9064.

How do I apply for a fuel card account?


Click on 'Apply Now' and follow the instructions. If you would like our recommendation on the card most suited for your requirements apply now.

What can I purchase on a fuel card?


You can use a fuel card to pay for a range of products depending on the purchase category of your card. A different set of products can be selected for each card. Most cards allow the purchase of fuels and lubricants and some also allow you to purchase shop goods, car wash credits and vehicle-related accessories.

Is the card linked to a driver or to a vehicle?


Cards can be linked to:

  • Driver and vehicle
  • Driver only
  • Vehicle only

For added security cards are embossed with your company name too.

I have never had a fuel card – where do I start?


Being one of the largest fuel card providers in the UK, we can find the card that is most suited to your business requirements. Just answer a few questions about your fleet and we will work out the best fuel card solution for you. Alternatively you can speak to our fuel card specialists on 0333 122 9064.

Can I apply for a fuel card for personal use?


No, only businesses can apply on this website. However, you can register your interest with us by emailing info@fuelcards.co.uk as we may be able to offer this service in the future.